Tomasz Jędrzejewski
I am

Tomasz “zyxist” Jędrzejewski

I’m an architect and software developer with 10+ years of professional experience.
I live in Kraków, Poland.
See also my general online portfolio and non-IT projects at

October 2021

Senior Software Engineer

October 2021
November 2018


Technical lead, architect

November 2018
July 2012

Motorola Solutions

Software engineer
Later test lead and tech lead

July 2012
July 2011

Motorola Solutions


July 2011
June 2005


Freelance web developer

June 2005
  • Primary programming languages: Java/Kotlin
  • Secondary programming languages: Python, JS, C, Erlang, PHP
  • Frameworks: Micronaut, Spring
  • Storage: relational databases, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Cloud: Terraform, Helm
  • Build systems: Gradle, Maven
  • Operating systems: Windows/MacOS/Linux
  • Other: Git
  • Project technical leadership
  • Trainings/workshops/presentations
  • Technical mentoring

I work or worked on, in all phases of the project:

  • E2E test frameworks for telecom systems (original invention)
  • search & indexing engines
  • web application frameworks
  • business microservices
  • build systems

Open-source projects:

  • Open Power Template and TypeFriendly (2005-2012)
  • Gradle Chainsaw Plugin (2017-2018)


  • US 9978283 patent grant (May 2018, co-inventor)
  • Catch me… if you can! at Devoxx Poland 2017

I also led many internal workshops and trainings for the companies I worked for.

My last name is hard for foreigners. But in fact, the spelling is very phonetical in Polish. Here’s some help, all vowels spelled short and hard:

/to – mash/ /yeun – dzhe – yev – ski/

I’m also used to various alternative spellings like “oh-my-god” 🙂